About us


Jutha Wan Metal Ltd. is a subsidiary of PINTHONG GROUPS. It was established in B.E.2521(A.D.1978) as an importer and stockist for stainless steel and die & mold-tool steels. The company has experienced rapid growth and continue to increase capital, business range, variety of products as well as investment in service business relating to our products to fully satisfy customer.


Jutha Wan Metal Ltd. Established with initial registered capital of Bt 4million to distribute stainless steels and die & mould-tool steels.


Increased capital to Bt 30 million and began to distribute steel for plastic injection moulds.


Moved the office from Mahapruttaram Rd. to Pinthong Building, 39/9 Rama III Rd. and increased capital to Bt 41 million. Built new factory on a 5 rai area in Soi Wat Mahawong, Poochaosamingprai Rd., South Samrong.


Capital increased to Bt 68 million.


Capital increased to Bt 150 million.


Second factory and warehouse built on a10 rai area at Wellgrow Industrial Estate As a factory and warehouse for storing alloyed steel for die & mould,  and high carbon & machinery steel for automobile parts and machine parts.


Capital increased to Bt 250 million


Capital increased to Bt 325 million


Built 3rd factory (12 Rai) in Pinthong Industrial Park located in Sriracha to serves as both sales office and factory. This factory operates as Stainless Steel Coil Centre as well as responsible for the sales of Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel and Tool Steel. This factory is set up mainly to effectively serve the customer in the Eastern Seaboard Area.


Built 4th factory (6.5 Rai) at Bangkradee on Rama II road. This factory serves as a both sales office and factory for Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, and Mould & Dies Steel. This factory is set up mainly to effectively serve the customer in the southern part of Thailand.


Capital increased to Bt 390 million.



Capital increased to Bt 585 million.