Tool Steel

Tool Steel

Steel : Steel is an alloy primarily comprises of Iron (Fe), Carbon (C), Manganese (Mn), Silicon (Si), with other element serves as a secondary composite. Steel is a material which cannot be found in nature, but it is manmade (and machine) and it is based on the process of improving Iron (Fe) to obtained better properties in terms of strength, ductility, machinability, hardness, toughness, durability and nature resistance.

Iron : Scientific symbol Fe, Iron is a metal that exist in nature in the form of Iron Ore. It’s mainly silvery gray to black in color and is mostly magnetic in nature. It is found abundantly in the earth crust especially in the highland and mountainous area in the form of iron ore along with other types of metal. Iron ore must be purified using a smelting process (liquefying iron ore and remove impurity by using high heat) and turned into iron before it can be used.

Cold Work Tool Steel

Cold work tool steels are prefer when it comes to making mold for stamping/pressing work, cutting work, cold compacting, roller, steel cutting blades, and for work requiring high resistance against wear, impact, and bending. The steel have high content of carbon and chromium, it also include molybdenum alloy which helps increase the hardenability and toughness of the steel. The 1% Vanadium alloy in the steel provides higher wear resistance for both cutting tools and cold work application and therefore increase the durability of the steel.

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Hot Work Tool Steel

Hot work tool steel are suitable for making various kind of Hot Mold such as Hot Extrusion, Hot Forging, Die Casting, Hot Rolling, and it also includes mold for equipment used at high temperature such as Ejector Pin, Trimming Die, and Hot Shear Blades. With Carbon content of 0.4% and Chromium content of 5%, it enables the steel to possess attribute of High Toughness, High Hot Strength and High Thermal Shock resistance.

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Plastic Mold Steel

Plastic Mold steel possesses good machinability, weldability and also good mirror polishability. It can also be coated in Nitride or Hard Chrome to increase the abrasion and corrosion resistance and also provide greater lubricity. Coating the steel helps in increasing the durability, weldability and performance of the steel.

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Flame Hardening

Steel with special alloy composition which is hardened by heating the steel with high-temperature flame and quickly follow by quenching, this will provide the steel with hardened and wear resistance surface and therefore increased its durability. The steel is suitable for use in manufacturing a large mold especially molds used in Automotive Industry.

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Bearing Steel

Steel with high wear-resistance and rolling fatigue strength, it is mainly used for manufacturing of bearing, casting ring, drill bit, guide pin, guide bush, roller, gauge, and punch. It can be hardened to 63-65 HRC , which is a recommended hardness use for the purpose of manufacturing of bearing, casting ring, drill bit, guide pin, and guide bush

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Aluminium Alloy

Possesses much better thermal conductivity than steel. Able to be use as a substitute for S50C and P20 due to its hardness and strength and it is suitable for jobs requiring material able to withstand excessive compression strength. It can also be Anodize and Hard Anodize to increase its hardness, corrosion resistance, improved adhesion and lubrication.

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