Machinery Steel

Carbon steel is the only steel that the strength and ductility of the steel varies according to the percentage of carbon present in the steel.

Tool Steel

Steel : Steel is an alloy primarily comprises of Iron (Fe), Carbon (C), Manganese (Mn), Silicon (Si), with other element serves as a secondary composite.

Stainless Steel

Steel alloy with minimum Chromium content of 10.5% is commonly known as Stainless Steel. It is characterized by being high corrosion resistance. The main component of Stainless Steel is Iron,


Our Services include Heat Treatment of every kind of metal including nuts, screw and other accessory parts. We provide “Sand Blasting” service for a smooth and clean metal surface and also Oil coating services for rust prevention.


Welcome to Juthawan

For over three decades,  Jutha Wan Metal Ltd. has maintained  its renowned reputation as a front-line Service Center, processing, stocking and distributing various grades and special surface stainless steel sheets and coils as well as stainless tubes,  pipes,  equal  angles,  round  bars  and  flat  bars,  and even fabricated stainless steel products for building decoration.

Besides we are also the leading distributor for high carbon & alloyed steels as well as high-alloyed tool steels for dies and moulds. We place maximum emphasis on quality control, with the best processing facilities, an inventory identification system and we have developed quality standardization and remarkable service levels to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our efficient computerized inventory and stocking controls facilitate fast price quotation and order processing, which are also helpful to rapid delivery and services.

Quality & Service policy

Consistent Growth and Development

Jutha Wan Metal Ltd. has continuously sought to improve and develop its operation to meet international standards, while maintaining its commitment to satisfying customers with top-quality products as well as speedier and better services.

The company aims to become the leader in marketing stainless steel products, special alloyed steels and high alloyed tool steels for die and moulds. With our assurance of high-quality products and competitive prices, we have significantly increased our customers’ confidence, which has helped us boost our market share and investment up to the present day.

ISO 9001:20015


ISO9001:20015 is the quality control we guarantee. As the leader of stainless and steel industry, we provide you with the best qund reliable cost effective solutions.

Product Origin and Quality can be trusted

We believe in providing customer with quality product and services in order to gain customer trust and acceptance; and therefore we always buy our product from trusted source to ensure that our customer will always get high quality product from trusted origin.


Quality goods and services provided by trained staff using modern machineries.


Fair Price and On-time delivery of goods and services.

Our Customers

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Juthawan metal is able to provide a Full Services Center to Stainless Steel customer, our services includes sheering of stainless steel sheet in standard size (4×8”, 5×8”, and 5×10”) and any specific size required by customer, Folding of Stainless Steel sheet, Deburring, and provide different surface finishes such as Hairline, No.1, Mirror, Super-Mirror, No.8.

Our aim is to provide customer with One Stop services center, this is in order to help customer save cost and reduce damage incur due to frequent storage and transportation process and at the same time, make it easier for the customer to manage by having everything in one place.

Lasting up to 40 years experience in Stainless Steel industry, we have proved our trustworthiness and commitment to our customer by providing them with quality goods and services; we have been entrusted by many leading organization to provide them with quality stainless steel used to manufacture product such as stainless steel container, gates, home and kitchen appliances, medical equipment, and much more. Not only are we involved in the manufacturing and industrial sector, but we are proud to also be involved in the success of the “Mega Project” such as : Suvarnabhumi  Airport (Bkk), BTS Skytrane Project, MRT underground project and many more.

The stainless steel that we provide to our customer can be classified into two type i.e. Austenitic Stainless Steel and Ferritic Stainless Steel.

Austenitic Stainless Steel: It includes grade such as : 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321, and 304J1, and are available in a bright cold rolled surface finish (2B) and a shiny surface finish for mirror like appearance (BA)

Ferritic Stainless Steel: It includes grade such as :409L, 430, 439, 441, POSRE1, POS430M2, POS445NF, 436L, 436J1L, and 430J1L, and are also available in a bright cold rolled surface finish (2B) and a shiny surface finish for mirror like appearance (BA).

We also sell Stainless Steel For Decoration / Titanium Plated such as Hairline, No.8, Non Direction, No.4, Hairline Black Titanium, Hairline Gold Titanium, Hairline Rose Gold Titanium, No.8 (Mirror) Gold Titanium, No.8 (Mirror) Rose Gold Titanium and No.8 (Mirror) Black Titanium can be used for decorations such as buildings, lift, steel kitchen panels and steel tile trim for cement, wood and others.

Juthawan is the distributor and central processing unit of all stainless steel products such as : Ornamental Pipe, Regtangular Pipe, Square Pipe, Flat bar, Angle Bar, Industrial Pipe, Round Bar, Hexagonal Bar, Square Bar


To achieve customer satisfaction and confidence in trading with us

To decrease unnecessary wastage and losses within the organization for cost effectiveness

To increase efficiency in delivery and distribution centers for better service to customers

To maintain continuous development for optimum business performance

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